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All American Jewelry and Loan in Bakesfield , CA and Delano, CA

FAQ, All American Jewelry And Loan, Bakersfield and Delano, CA.

Q: What is needed to do a loan or a pawn?
A: All that we require is a valid form of ID that is current or no more than 5 years expired. We also do the Matricula Consular.
Q: What is the minimum age to do a loan or to sell your items?
A: The minimum age to do either of those transactions is no less than 18 years of age.
Q: What happens if I reached the end of the 120 days?
A: If you reach the end of the 120 days we will send you a reminder in case you forgot about your item, to the address that was given when you pawned to item, so make sure to let us know if you moved. Also if you happen to need more time than the 4 months what you can do is just pay the interest and we will extend your loan for another 120 days and it can be done as many times as you need it.
Q: What items do you take for a loan or to buy
A: The items we take are: electronics, computers, game systems, musical instruments, gold, silver, diamonds, mountain bikes, and tools. They must be in good condition and typically no more than 3 years old except for jewelry which even if broken we will take it.
Q: How long are your loans?
A: All collateral loan in the state of California are for 120 days.
Q: Can someone else pick up loan or pay my interest?
A: Unfortunately, only the person that pawned the item can pick it up or pay the interest. So make sure you give yourself time if you are reaching your due date to stop by and pick it up or pay the interest.